Beautiful.Wild.Suave.Rock N’ Roll. Confident.

When I first began brainstorming the thought of having my own business/jewelry line, I wrote down words that held some form of empowerment to me. Words that I’ve seen portrayed in movies, on social media, in Vogue; even walking down the street while observing people. Beautiful. Wild. Suave. Rock N’ Roll. Confident. I love that these words don’t apply to a certain group of people. Anyone can embody the meaning of each one. That was important to me. I want ANYONE and EVERYONE to feel like they can wear pieces made by 22 designs and feel incredibly awesome about themselves. A motto of mine is “Be unapologetically you” and I always feel a little more me with some badass accessories on.

My sister Alli, modeling below, was my muse for nearly every piece made in the first 2-3 months. She has such impeccable style, especially for a 17 year old young woman, and I wanted to embrace her style and thought process of putting items together.







Hey y’all! Welcome to the 22 designs blog. I will be updating the blog precisely 2-3 times a week with pictures of new pieces and the inspiration behind them. I’m so excited to show you guys everything I’ve been working on, and future projects to come! Be sure to check out the website, and follow on social media accounts!


much love,