Hello all! I am ecstatic to announce that •22 designs• does in fact have a men’s line now and here to help me introduce it is local Little Rock artist, Richard Cheek.

I’ve known Richard from afar since I was 14 – his family owns the beautiful community, Rivercliff, that I grew up in. He (unfortunately) witnessed me going through my awkward/wild ass teenage years.  My girlfriends and I all thought the Cheek boys were God’s gift to Earth every summer when they cleaned the pool. Needless to say, I was thrilled that he’s forgiven me for being an oddball in the past and agreed to sit down for a shoot.

This was my first shoot with a guy for 22, and there was a silent apprehension on my end right before I showed him the new pieces. Rich walked over to the observatory deck of Rivercliff with a boyish grin on his face and his black attire like I asked for. Anxiety on my end started to slightly disappear. As I started spreading the bracelets out for him to look at he said, “these are dope and began picking them up one by one to examine.  A HUGE sigh of relief escaped me and it set the tone for the next hour. We had a very honest conversation while I snapped pictures- ranging from life and the different path ways that we had taken, what mutual friends were up to, and how much has changed in the 10 years we’ve interacted. Keep scrolling to see more pictures and hear Rich’s outlook on fashion and men wearing jewelry.



Meet Richard 


When it comes to fashion, what do you feel most comfortable/yourself in?

I’m most comfortable in black skinny jeans and a ratty t-shirt and an open flannel. You could call it elegantly disheveled.

Do you find that there is a certain stigma associated with men wearing jewelry/having piercings?

I don’t think there is a stigma attached to men wearing jewelry. I think it can be masculine and  cool.


Have you ever been “shamed” for wearing certain clothes or for the way you choose to express yourself aesthetically?

I’ve gotten shit from people for wearing v necks and skinny jeans before, but they were all basic bitches with zero taste anyway.

Do you have a favorite fashion icon and/or role model that you draw inspiration from?

I really like the aesthetic of tattoo artist Maxime Buchi even though we don’t dress extremely alike. Super clean, lots of black, very hip hop. Also, Mod Sun. Both artists wear pretty dope jewelry.


A potential bee tattoo…and no, it was not inspired by Beyonce.

What is your favorite season to dress for?

I find it easiest to dress for fall or winter. I really like layering and having the option to put more clothes on or take off a layer of two.

This was such a fun shoot and I can’t wait to show y’all what’s coming next for •22 designs•!


Beautiful. Wild. Suave. Rock N’ Roll. Confident.

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Amanda, Please!

If you haven’t noticed, 90’s fashion is back. I feel like I’m living out the movie Clueless…without the cute Jeep, house in Bel Air, or shopping on Rodeo Drive. From flannel shirts, overalls, blue lipstick, and even platforms paired with knee-high socks and mini skirts- guys and gals aren’t letting these trends go anywhere, anytime soon.

A personal favorite of mine that has returned is the choker. I remember the thin black “tattoo” chokers you could get for 25 cents at the grocery store. They’re popping back up around the necks of 15-18 year olds who think they’re *vintage* and range from $8-$15 (hello inflation)!

With this collection putting my own spin on each piece was key. Playing with the leather and not sketching a thing -not a great habit of mine-I began creating while thinking of different fashion eras (not just the 90’s). Inspiration for each piece was so different, ranging from futuristic, western, abstract art, haute couture, and even Romantic styles. Most of the pieces are highly functional and could be incorporated into any outfit. However, a select few of the pieces would be left to a bold individual that reveres the process of being dressed to the teeth in chic/ semi-outlandish apparel.

Talk to the Model

Getting to photograph my best friend, Amanda Abernathy, was such an honor. She exudes this level of confidence that I believe most people strive to have, and she does it effortlessly. I had to ask a few questions and after 10 years of friendship, I learned a few new things myself, like she should totally write a how-to book on being a boss babe.

•When it comes to fashion, what do you feel most comfortable/yourself in?

I feel most comfortable in a skater dress. I like that skater dresses have a fit and flare, but they’re non-restricting and super comfortable. I could wear a skater dress and booties, sneakers, or combat boots any day of the week.

•What is a staple in your closet that you couldn’t live without?

I could not live without my LBD. I have this sleeveless skater style black dress that I got over 2 years ago from somewhere really affordable, like XXI or H&M, and I’ve worn the crap out of it. I can pair it with different shoes and cardigans, and wear it bare-legged or with wool leggings. Sometimes I even wear a sweater over it. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it!

•What is a staple in your jewelry box you couldn’t live without? 

I have 3 piercings in each ear, and I could not live without my studs. I have them in all different colors and sizes. Aside from those, I love my Pandora rings that my best friend bought me for Christmas. They are silver and beautifully simple.

•Do you have an accessory that you wear everyday?

My black Kate Spade handbag – that is the only accessory I’m guaranteed to be wearing every week day to work. A lot of days I go accessory free otherwise.

•As a fashion conscious individual, do you have a favorite look or trend? Are there any trends that you wish would come back/disappear?

 I’m so excited about the return of the choker!  I’m a 90s kid and definitely had the super cheap plastic black choker back in the day. It’s fun to see that resurfacing but in a much more sophisticated grown up way. I also love that athletic/leisure wear and fashionable sneakers are becoming more popular.

•Do you have a favorite fashion icon?

 My fashion icons are either rebels with their fashion, or more simplistic and low-key. The bad ass fashion muses I wish I could channel but don’t have the guts to just yet are Zoe Kravitz, Tinashe, and Rihanna. I love how these women can be punk one day, athletic the next, and then in a Valentino ball gown by night. On the other end of the spectrum, I also really admire Negin Mirsalehi and Shay Mitchell. I love that they have a clean, simple, and slightly bohemian/whimsical aesthetic. I think they are more of my day-to-day icons – but don’t get me wrong, they can both really chic it up and slay for formal events as well.

•What’s your favorite season to dress for?

Call me a basic bitch, but most people will agree that fall is the absolute best. Boots, scarves, leggings, jackets – with the cooler weather and layers comes a lot of fun options to play with.

•Have you ever been shamed for wearing an outfit and because of it never wore the outfit again?

You know, I haven’t just yet, and I don’t think I ever will. To be shamed you have to let someone get to you and make you feel embarrassed. Channeling my bad ass icons like Rihanna, I’d probably tell my “shamer” that they can go to hell hahaha!

The Galaxy and Beyond choker- $22 available on


Drop the Tea, Run with Me choker- $26 soon to be available on


Rihanna Made Me Do It choker- not currently for sale


Stick and Stones, Chains and Thrones choker- $18 soon to be available on


Saddle Up  choker- $18 available on


Heartbreaker, Hip Shaker choker- $16 soon to be available on


Tell Me About It, Stud choker- $16 soon to be available on


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Let me start off by saying this young woman is one of my best friends. That is most likely the only reason this shoot was as fun as it was- 90 degrees at 9 am, me with the constant “HOLY HELL it’s hot” while my makeup ran down my face, and having her walk all over the Fayetteville square with me while I bumbled around like an idiot and fell UP the stairs…and somehow she stayed laughing and had a genuine smile on her face the entire time. That’s not just a great model. That’s a great friend and I’m so thankful.

What I loved most about this shoot is that with each new piece Leslie put on, the pieces adapted to her. With some of the larger more rock n’ roll earrings I was afraid they would overwhelm her small frame, but they ended up looking dainty and elegant which was a lovely surprise. The necklaces fell at the perfect length. The bracelets fit her wrists and caught your eye anytime she moved her hands or arms. She was a perfect fit for what all      •22 designs• is about- Beautiful. Suave. Rock N’ Roll. Wild. Confident.

Later on in the week of this shoot we met for coffee to look over pictures and discuss her views on fashion. She’s most comfortable in a big t-shirt. If she’s going out it’s either jeans and a cute top OR a skirt, the tallest heels she can find, and a fun top. After countless times of going out with this one to Dickson St. let me tell ya- she can dress. Like turn heads in a room. When it comes to her choices in accessories -less is more. A pair of studs in the ears and maybe a bracelet with her watch.

Enjoy the photos below and don’t forget to stop by the website:

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