The start of the year came with major transitions, and for the first time in years I had zero resolutions. This year I’m taking each day as it comes; accomplishing what I can in a day’s worth of time and not succumbing to the stress of a to-do list. *Seriously-I’m 24 years old looking like a tired 40+ and taking any recommendations on where to go for Botox and facials*. MB (long term boyfriend) and I knew we would be moving at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017. He moved down a month early after accepting a job right out of school with an architecture firm *woohoo!!* and I stayed behind to start packing up. Our best friend duo Amanda and Will came up to help us move from Fayetteville to Little Rock and then extended an invite to me to stay when I needed to with them. They were the most gracious hosts a young woman in limbo could ask for!

One night after an interesting conversation ranging from the release process of prisoners of war, growing ivy in a sauna, and people basing their worth off of social media likes…I turned on the cult classic Pulp Fiction and got to work on a collection I had no prior planning for. The next morning it continued and Amanda agreed to model. Every emotion I had been feeling was released in this collection- confusion, yearning to be independent again, the need to feel settled/ put together. Creating this collection was catharsis. It showed an entirely new side to my skill set that I was unaware I possessed…a rebirth and celebration of being home and finding comfort within one of my favorite places with one of my favorite people in the world. Amanda allowed me to style her (my mom helped a little too!) and do her makeup, along with taking her pictures and all I can say is: THANK YOU!!

The pieces in this collection are perfectly juxtaposed with the elements of the outfits they’re paired with…capturing the essence of being Beautiful, Wild, Suave, Rock N’ Roll, and Confident.

Welcome to the Jungle, where I watch my own damn Throne


“Here Kitty, Kitty” necklace available at



Handmade crown not for sale



“I’ll Lead the Way” necklace available at


Rings made upon request


“H(arrow)ine” choker available at

Jive Talkin’ & Boot Stompin’


“Bagel with Steer” necklace available at



“Twinkle, Twinkle all my Stars” necklace available at


“Strutting Madison Ave” bracelet stack available at




I love pieces that can be worn multiple ways.


“Twinkle, Twinkle all my Stars” necklace (shorter piece) and “Ring of Fire” necklace available at


Lemme take a selfie



“Starburst” necklace available at



‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road” emerald agate necklace available at


“Celestial Lights” necklace available at




“Strutting Madison Ave” stack available at

Night Fever 



This photo was a happy accident but we both loved it and felt it had a Studio 54 feel.



“I’ll take a slice of That” necklace duo available at


“Don’t come for this Dainty Gal” necklace available at


“Taking a quick trip with P. Floyd”choker available at



Going up?


“I’m a Star” necklace available at


“Sprinkles” bar necklace and “The Heart of the Ocean” necklace available at



“Blushy Goodness” set includes necklace, earrings, and 3 bracelets stack available on



“Wild at Heart” necklace available at


“Can you feel it?” bar necklace available at


“Off to see The Stones” bar necklace and “Heart of the Ocean” necklace available on

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Two Crafty Blondes & A Blue-eyed Pup

Hello hello! You guys, I am T H R I L L E D for you guys to read this post and see what I was doing the last day of September! Lindsay Soulsby-Johnson is the founder of her own non-profit organization: Mulligan Movement- she donates her time and any money raised to animal shelters throughout the state of Arkansas to prolong and improve the lives of shelter animals. Check out Life of Mulligan on Facebook for the story behind it all and to see her incredibly sweet rescue dog, Mulligan.

She’s also an artist, attorney in training, and can build you one helluva a birdhouse-checkout The Bird Bungalow on Facebook and Instagram. Needless to say, we started out our afternoon together watching the new Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix, talking affordable art, marketing, discussing my jewelry line, and snapping some super cute pics!

We recognize the power of bringing two small local businesses together. What’s better than 1 girl boss? 2 girl bosses. With that being said, 25% of all total profits made from •22 designs• during the month of October will be donated to the Mulligan Movement!


“These aren’t your grandmas bird bungalows” -LSJ

Lindsay has been painting like a mad woman in preparation for Red Kite Coffee Company hosting her paintings on their fabulous walls for the entire month of October (if you’re local go check them out in Fayetteville)! This is such an exciting new venture for her. She is all about affordable artwork for everyone- her pieces range from $60-$350 and sizes ranging from smallish to as tall as her and obviously much wider than her. Ha! She was gracious enough to let me photograph her incredibly vibrant pieces, rock some pieces from •22• ,and we may have had a little jam session while catching up all afternoon.


Damn, it feels good to be a boss.



The man himself, Mulligan.

With both of us being animal enthusiast/pet owners , it only felt right to team up together this month. More pieces will be added to the website about every 3 days, so do be on the lookout. You can enjoy free shipping on your pieces *US only*! SO, let’s get to shopping folks! We need YOUR help making a difference this month! Let’s kick some ass!!


Nefertiti rocking “Cascades of Gold” necklace available on


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Much love,